Good morning images and quotes for all...

It is said that life is what you are living in the running moment, so embrace the blessing and start your every new day with sparkling energy and a pure smile.
Dwindle down to read and apply powerful good morning images and quotes.
You will find them magical when feeling toxicity around. You will also find these phrases remedial when feeling blue.
Repel all the negative energies around you and be the strength of each other. See what does a rising sun say to you and be grateful to your creator.
Smile, rise and shine...
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Have a great day ahead!
Flowers quotes motivational good morning

A beautiful motivational quote to face life with a wonderful philosophy. Never give up!
Search for the right one for you…

“Everyday is a second chance”

Good morning images

Happy morning. Never saw a smile as cute as yours. So get up now and make everyone around fall for your smile with every minute and every second. Good Morning and have a good day ahead. God bless you.  Have a good day.

good morning great weekend

Forget all the negative things from the week and look forward to a great weekend!

Good morning quotes

A beautiful quote from the Dalai Lama to celebrate the new day! Best wishes for a new morning to also share on WhatsApp!

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

Dalai Lama

Good morning quotes

Welcome to the new morning with “Smile”

Welcome to the new morning with “Smile” on your face. Love in your Heart, Good thoughts in your Mind, Wish you a lovely morning Always.


#quotesoftheday  :

“When you feel that the whole world is standing against you, turn around and take an ego, discover the whole world behind you, hello and have a good day.”


My wishes for you Today

May God bless you and keep you. May He keep you safe from harm. May He have mercy on you and your family. May the Lord always be by your side. May He protect you and hphold your undertakings… may the Lord bless you Always! GM at all!

Lovely Day

How to have a lovely day in 10 Steps

Smile at strangers, slow down say thank you, give lots of compliments, dress nicely, wear perfume, observe and listen, be charming, laugh, wish people a lovely day.

Butterfly and Flowers

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good morning quotes

Sending you millions of smiles! Take one each morning, because I want to see you smiling aleays – Have a beautiful day.

sweet images happy breakfast positive day

Start your day with a smile ☻

Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Happy Thursday

good-morning-images with quote

Morning quote: Graucho Marx

“Each morning when I open my eyes i say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shal be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and i’m going to be happy in it.”
Graucho Marx.


happy friday images with red flowers and christmas decorations

A gift for you ☻

One day or day one. You decide! Happy Monday!

Good morning quote goodmorningpics

Your value doesn’t decrease, based on someone’s inability to see your worth…

quotes for friends

A Friend is someone who…

A Friend is someone who listens to your bullshit, tells you that is bullshit and listens some more.

Good morning quotes

Never discredit your gut instinct…

Never discredit your gut instinct. You are not paranoid. Your body can pick up on bad vibrations. If something deep inside of you says something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.

Good morning quote

When I wake up evey morning, I thank God for the new day.

12 Steps to Self Care

12stepsSelfCare1. If it fells wrong, don’t do it

2. Say “exactly” what you mean

3. Don’t be a people pleaser

4.Trust your instincts

5. Never speak bad about yourself

6. Never give up on your dreams

7. Don’t be afraid to say “No”

8. Don’t be afraid to say “Yes”

9. Be king to yourself

10. Let go of what you can’t control

11. Stay away from drama e negativity

12. LOVE

A few simple steps to take care of themselves. Good morning to you all.


Smile every morning

Smile every morning.
It makes you attractive…
It changes your mood… it relieves stress…
And it helps you stay young and positive…

Have a smiley day…

“A good start to a day very important. If you are in a positive frame of mind in the morning than you are very likely to have a productive day”

Winter images with snow for a good day on Monday

It’s only cold if you’re standing still! Happy Monday ❆

a bouquet of colorful flowers for this wonderful day, happy saturday

Nothing in nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself

Woodstock images with phrases for a good Wednesday

I wanted to send you a hug. Happy Wednesday

Good morning images with sweet animals: Happy Saturday

Make everyday a little less ordinary. Happy Saturday!

Good morning monday positive quote

If you can stay positive in a negative situation you win.

funny cartoons for a good sunday

Being happy never goes out of style. Have a Good Day!

pictures with phrases for a special breakfast and a good Thursday

Every failure is a step towards success. Be positive! I wish you a wonderful day. Happy Tuesday and good morning friends!

Good monday funny pics

Oh NO! It’s monday again

Good morning sunday relax

Relax and Enjoy It’s Sunday

Happy friday Quote flowers

Have a Great Weekend

Forget all the thing you’ve encountered this week and have a great weekend

happy tuesday, pictures with snow for cold days

Kindness is like snow- It beautifies everything it covers.

Have a good day and happy Tuesday!

Funny animal pictures to brighten your day have a good Tuesday

Just sending you a smile to brighten your thursday. 😄 Good morning

Cartoon Images - Agnes Despicable Me - Happy Wednesday

It’s time to get your smile on! Good morning family and friends! Happy Wednesday

good morning wednesday

You’ve been hugged pass it on. Happy wednesday

Giraffe - funny animals to give a smile and wish a happy Monday

Just sending you a smile to brighten your Monday. Good morning

funny animals for a crazy big Friday

Have a great Friday!

Happy Friday! Make it a good one

Pictures morning with bouquet of red roses as a gift for a happy Sunday

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope” I wish you a good and happy Sunday.

images with phrases to give to the people most special to you

Some people make the world special just by being in it